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Activewear has become a normal part of everyone’s wardrobe, it has even become most people’s choice of casual wear. Leggings by Emine Ferraro are robust and have been tested by a number of athletes in a number of disciplines such as yoga, pilates, kickboxing, pole dancing, and have been taken through their paces at the gym. They are designed to be squat proof, so they can be used for whatever activities you choose to engage in. They provide protection but are breathable enough to prevent overheating during your daily demands. 

Athleisure is a growing trend that involves clothing that is functional for sports and trips to the gym while also providing comfort during the hours when you are not as active. Leggings by Emine Ferraro offer everyday comfort, with its lightweight fabric and an elastic waist that rests beautifully no matter what the activity. Lifestyles differ greatly and leggings made by Emine Ferraro are flexible to life you want to lead, our clothing will be like your second skin. They hold on to your form without digging in or chaffing. Not only do you look good, the design does not dig while you move so now you feel good too.

Our leggings cater to all shapes and sizes, with soft fabric that adjusts from the toughest spin class to a relaxing evening at home. Our form fitting items have you looking your best, no matter what you are doing.  

 Many of you may be working from home during this pandemic, it is important to dress comfortably and our leggings are more than appropriate attire for your home office. Rest and recovery is important to maintain good mental health as well as physical wellbeing, and our full length leggings provide comfort. 

Our leggings come in a variety of colours, with neutral black, eye catching red, and a pair of white leggings with a sporty blue racing stripe down the sides. While our competitors choose more neutral colours we like to stand out with our variety of bright fabric because we believe you were born to stand out. If you do not find neutral colours flattering we have a selection of bright colours for you to choose from.

Offers all that the competition has and at an affordable price that they do not offer, with a price of 30.00 euro that is nearly half of what Nike or Lululemon charges and at the same quality. With the choice of colour, the form fitting breathability, and the squat proof technology Emine Ferraro offers a superior item that will become a reliable and comfortable piece in your wardrobe. The leggings pair well with many items in your wardrobe and not only add to it but compliment your current clothing as well. 

Our leggings are conveniently machine washable so they can be ready to go during busy periods in your life. They are made of quick drying material, so whether it be a sweaty gym session or a spin in the washing machine afterwards, Emine Ferraro leggings are ready to move with you. 

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