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EM Sports Bras provide support for the toughest workouts. Our form fitting bras minismes bounce for all busts, whether you are going for a run or relaxing at home Emine Ferraro is there for you. 

It is difficult to find a suitable bra that provides comfort and support as well as sports bras by Emine Ferraro do. Women come in all shapes and sizes, we think it is important to give our support to every woman. 

Mix and match with our leggings, our variety of colours aids in expressing your own personal style. The variety of colour and the comfortable fit ensure that it can be worn even when you are not on the go. Our bras are an elegant and aesthetically pleasing match with our line of leggings and a great addition to your wardrobe. 

Versatile for a number of sporting activities, it is a functional piece in all patterns of movement. Our sports bras have been taken through their paces by a number of athletes from a number of disciplines. Pole dancing, trappeze, acro yoga, running, our sports bras provide support, separation, and coverage in every plane of motion, more conventional or otherwise. Our bras do not compress, our flexible fabric offers a comfortability like that of a second skin. The suspenders stay in place, but do not chaff or rub during movement. The overall design provides the perfect amount of lift, all the while allowing for freedom of movement during exercise. It moves with you during a relaxing yoga session, when pushed to its limits in a HIIT class it holds on and ensures everything is where it should be. 

There is the right bra for every occasion, but with sports bras by Emine Ferrao is suitable for all occasions. Designed for stops overheating with our lightweight Scuba fabric that is also resistant to wear and tear, something that can create extra bounce if not monitored properly. 

Once again we bring you a quality item at an affordable price, fabri on par or even better than our competition with a price that they cannot match. All of our wares are washing machine friendly, so they can be switched quickly as you go about your week. The Scuba fabric is antiperspirant, keeping the user clean and feeling fresh. 

Sports bras by Emine Ferraro are reliably designed pieces of clothing that covers the wearer comfortably and flex to meet your needs.