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Medium-support sports bra with strategic support for moderate-impact sports. Moisture wicking, breathable bra with shapewear fabric.  Flexible fabric offers a comfortability.


85% Polyester 15 % Elastane


UK: 6, 8, 10, 12-14;
EU: XS,S, M, L

Model wears 8 (UK)- S(EU)

Stok Durumu: Stokta Var

Emine Ferraro compression black sports bra provides support for the toughest workouts. Our form fitting bra compression black sports bra minimise bounce for all busts.  Whether you are going for a run or relaxing at home Emine Ferraro is there for you.

Versatile for a number of sporting activities, it is a functional piece in all patterns of movement. Our sports bras have been taken through their paces by a number of athletes from a number of disciplines. Pole dancing, trappeze, acro yoga, running, our sports bras provide support, separation, and coverage in every plane of motion, more conventional or otherwise.

Our bras do not compress, our flexible fabric offers a comfortability like that of a second skin. The suspenders stay in place, but do not chaff or rub during movement.



Our bras are conveniently machine washable so they can be ready to go during busy periods in your life. They are made of quick drying material, so whether it be a sweaty gym session or a spin in the washing machine afterwards, Emine Ferraro bras are ready to move with you.

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L, M, S, XS

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Black sports bra

Toparlayıcı Sporcu Sütyeni - Siyah